Starting time:  5:30 pm, Eastern Daylight Time (Cleveland)

Duration:  1.5 hours per class session

Location:  Live Online (requires a device w/speakers & mic or a headset, and an Internet connection

Total number of sessions:  6 

Instructor:  Lindsay Sims 

Assistant Instructor:  Sheila Sheehan

Brand Kickstart Breakdown

Session 1:  The PRM Goal Setting Framework

Before you can effectively get predictable results in your business, you have to establish a baseline and set some goals. ​Learn what metrics matter and how goals can really make a difference in your results.

Session 2:  Customer Journey Mapping 

Your customer is on a journey. Your brand's job is to help them along that journey. But we can't do that if they can't find us and if we can't find them. Learn how to map their journey to build a true connection with your customer.  

Session 3:  Consistent Content Creation Framework

The content that your brand produces should be communicating a clear & concise message - but it also needs to do that consistently. In this session we work through how to keep the flow of content on brand and extremely consistent.

Session 4: White Hat Search Optimization

After developing a strategy for creating content that's always on brand, we need to make sure that the content is discoverable. But since we're building a sustainable brand, we're not using any black hat tricks! 

Session 5:  The PRM Email Follow-Up Framework

Email marketing can be the key to running a successful brand, but it isn't all about newsletters and software. More than anything, email success is steeped in the follow-up. We walk through a framework to decide when and where to follow up via email.​

Session 6:  Funnel Implementation Planning 
Everything that we learn in the Brand Kickstart helps us get to this point. At this session we pull it all together into a branded funnel

Enrollment for the Small Business Brand Kickstart is open.

Transform your small business into a brand, choose your cohort. 

About the Brand Kickstart

Know, Like & Trust - those are the three elements that get first time and repeat customers. It’s no coincidence that they’re also the three core elements of developing a great brand. The Brand Kickstart is a 2 week accelerator program that helps you transition your small business into a brand. During this 2 week program, we’ll work through these 3 core elements, aligning them with the goals of your business, your customer’s motivations, the content that you have (or need to create) and the methods to consistently present all of these elements to the world. In the end you’ll have a customized map for taking your growing your small business into a booming brand! 


This program is delivered in workshop format. The activities we do in each session are designed to be repeated whenever you want to introduce new goals, new products, a new marketing channel or a new customer segment to your business. We call this the “Brand Workflow” and you’ll learn how to work through the “Brand Workflow” to keep your business on brand as you grow. 


Register now and reserve your spot. Each cohort has 35 spots available. The team at PRM wants to offer an exceptional experience and we’re keeping each cohort small in order to be sure that you get individual attention from our instructors and coaches.

Who Needs this Accelerator?

Who is the PRM Accelerator for?

This live, interactive online program was designed for people are done with flying by the seat of their pants. If you're ready to have a structured learning experience, where you'll get to apply your knowledge in real time, this course is for you! 

The purpose of this program is to small business owners transform their small businesses into brands. 

People who’ve take this course
  • Small Business Owners

  • Small Business Teams

  • Traditional Marketing Teams

  • Freelance Digital Marketers

  • Marketing Career Professionals

  • Chief Marketing Officers

  • Recruitment Directors

  • Digital Marketing Novices

Awesome Course!!! Lindsay is very knowledgeable about Digital Marketing, and she is able to present the concepts in a way that is easily understandable. 


A concept is presented, explained in detail, and then followed by demonstrations. Quizzes are then given to allow you to see if you have mastered the concepts or need to review the material. Homework further reinforces the learning and retention process.


I feel ready to implement the knowledge gained from the course.


- Joseph Cox

What's included in the Brand Kickstart

  • Instructor-led LIVE weekly sessions

  • Sessions are 1.5 hours and each presented online via live video conferencing

  • All sessions are recorded and made available for review on-demand within 24 hours

  • Live Q&A with Chat Room during live sessions

  • Access to One-on-One Training Support from Certified Digital Marketing PRM Coaches

  • Live online working group sessions

  • The Predictable Results Implementation Guides (Printable)

  • A Predictable Results Weekly Results Tracker (Printable)

  • PRM Worksheets, Checklists & Guides to help you along the way

  • Bonus - PRM Insider Community - the insider community includes Masterclasses, coaching opportunities and more

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About Your Instructor - Lindsay Sims

Hi there! I'm Lindsay Sims, the Founder & CEO of Predictable Results Marketing. I'm an OMCP certified digital marketing trainer, Google Partner and HubSpot Education Partner. More recently I've been selected as the Grow With Google Digital Coach for Cleveland. I've been an educator for my entire adult life and a practitioner of all things digital marketing for over 10 years.

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